The name of this organization is the SOUTHWEST KANSAS ROYALTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC., although it is often referred to as "SWKROA."

The purpose of SWKROA is to foster, protect and further the rights and interests of the members of the Association.  The Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association is organized and operates as an entity eligible for exemption from taxation under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or any successor provisions.  No fines, penalties, or assessments are or can be made to any member of the Association. 

To help reduce expenses, SWKROA delivers membership renewals, newsletters, and other alerts electronically via email.

Membership fees are payable on a fiscal year basis, which is from March 1 of the current year to March 1 of the next year.  The membership fees are payable by check to SWKROA and should be mailed to SWKROA at 209 East Sixth Street, Hugoton, Kansas  67951, or online via credit card. 

The organization utilizes two classes of membership:  Regular Membership and Associate Membership.  Family memberships are also available.

Regular Membership is open to any Person who owns land, mineral or royalty interests in the southwest Kansas counties of Barber, Finney, Grant, Greeley, Hamilton, Haskell, Kearny, Morton, Pratt, Seward, Stanton, and Stevens.  The Board may add additional counties.  "Person" includes an individual, and members, stockholder, partner or beneficiary of a limited liability company, corporation, partnership, or trust.

Finances of this organization are maintained by a Base Membership Fee of $75.00 per year for each membership. 

Benefits of membership include  entitlement to attend meetings of the members of SWKROA with voting rights (one vote per membership), receive SWKROA newsletters, have access to SWKROA forms and publications, and have access to the “Members Only” features on the SWKROA website (when available).  A Regular Member may add his or her spouse to their membership, as a non-voting member, at no additional charge. 

Associate Membership is open to Persons who own land, mineral or royalty interests outside the above listed counties, and who do not qualify for Regular Membership.  An Associate Member does not have voting rights and cannot be an officer or director of the organization.  An Associate membership is $75 per year.

Family Memberships are available to Regular and Associate Memberships to add up to three (3) Family Members.  The annual membership fee for a Family Membership will be the Base Membership Fee, plus an additional $20.00 for each designated Family Member.  A Family Membership will consist of a “Family Head” who will be the primary contact person for communications from the Association, including notices for payment of membership fees.  The Family Head must qualify for Regular Membership, either as an individual, or as a Trustee of his or her trust, as Trustee of a testamentary trust, or as the majority interest owner or designated manager of a limited liability company or partnership.  The Family Head must provide contact information for each Family Member.

To be a Family Member, such Family Member must not otherwise be able to qualify for Regular Membership based upon their surface, mineral or royalty ownership.  Corporations and Associate Members shall not be eligible for a Family Membership.

Family Members shall be entitled to the benefits of Regular Membership, except for voting rights, as each membership shall only be entitled to one vote at annual meetings or other meetings of the members of SWKROA.

Special Fund.  The Board of Directors also welcome and occasionally request voluntary contributions to the Special Funds Account, which funds are used for special projects or litigation to promote or protect the interests of its members, and to help with ongoing operating expenses.  


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