“Protecting And Serving Mineral & Royalty Owners Since 1948”

Benefits of being a member
As a member of the Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association (SWKROA) you will join thousands of other Kansas mineral, royalty and landowners in protecting your  mineral and royalty interests.  
You will have access to information regarding the latest developments in the Kansas oil and gas industry and how such may affect you as a mineral owner.  Educational materials are available to you including a newsletter full of information which you, as a mineral owner, will find useful.  
Members of SWKROA have access to guidelines, including those for leasing, salt saltwater disposal, pipeline right-of-ways, and geophysical permits.
Protecting  your interests
An individual mineral owner or landowner many have difficulty when dealing with the large and powerful petroleum industry.  But a group of mineral owners and landowners can make their voices heard!  Since 1948, SWKROA has spoken on behalf of mineral, royalty and landowners in Kansas. 
SWKROA is totally devoted to representing mineral and royalty owners.  SWKROA is  governed, controlled and supported by its individual members who are themselves mineral and royalty owners and not by the petroleum industry
SWKROA has advocated on behalf of royalty owners for the oil and gas industry to include more favorable terms in oil and gas leases for the mineral owner, as well as the landowner.  Such terms are now common language in many oil and gas leases.  The same was true for favorable language to be placed in agreements for seismic testing, well site damages and pipeline right-of-way agreements.  Such language has benefited all Kansas mineral and landowners.
When SWKROA learned producers who were selling gas in the Hugoton Field in interstate commerce were adding the ad valorem taxes to pipeline purchasers but not seeking reimbursement on behalf of the royalty owners share of ad valorem taxes it put pressure on the producers to pass the same benefit on to royalty owners.  SWKROA was successful and the action resulted in a benefit of almost four million dollars each year for royalty owners.
SWKROA has valiantly fought for and against many measures before the state legislature which would affect mineral, royalty and landowners.  A recent success includes the passage of the Kansas Surface Owners Notification Act (KSONA) which requires landowners to be notified prior to certain drilling activity commencing on the land.
When matters are before the Kansas Appellant Courts, whose decision could affect the interests of mineral or royalty owners, SWKROA has been instrumental in their final decision by filing ’friend of the Court’ briefs to advise the Court of how the case could impact mineral and royalty owners.