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Natural gas was found in Stevens County, Kansas in 1927, which lead to the drilling and development of the Hugoton Gas Field. The Hugoton Gas Field encompasses a portion of Southwest Kansas, and portions of the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle. After its discovery, the Hugoton Gas Field was considered the largest natural gas field in North America and the second largest in the world. Along with the discovery of natural gas in the area was the discovery the natural gas stream also carried vast reserves of helium. Below the Hugoton formation another vast gas bearing formation, the Panoma Council Grove formation, was discovered. Numerous other oil and gas reserves were also discovered in Southwest Kansas.

As numerous problems arose between land-owner-lessors and the oil and gas companies during development of the Hugoton Gas Field in the 1930’s and 1940’s a group of landowners in the Hugoton Field recognized the need for an organization to protect the rights of the landowners in the Field. From those discussions the Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association, a non-profit Corporation, was organized. The corporation’s Articles of Incorporation were filed in 1948 with the stated purpose of the corporation to “foster, protect and further in all proper respects the rights and interests of the mineral owners.” That purpose still guides the Association today.

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As a member of the Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners you will join thousands of other Kansas mineral, royalty and landowners in protecting your mineral and royalty interests.

You will have access to information regarding the latest developments in the Kansas oil and gas industry and how such may affect you as a mineral owner. Educational materials are available to you including a newsletter full of information which you, as a mineral owner, will find useful.

Members of the Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association have access information and guidelines, such as oil and gas leasing tips and terminology, salt saltwater disposal, pipeline right-of-ways, and geophysical permitting.


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