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Bill Light to serve as President 
of the Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association

The Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association, (SWKROA), the largest mineral and royalty owners association in Kansas, announced that W. C. (Bill) Light, of Rolla, Kansas, will serve as its President.  Mr. Light is a Morton County Director of SWKROA.  Mr. Light will succeed K. Ted Metcalf of Liberal, Kansas, who has served as President from 2011 to 2014.  Mr. Metcalf will continue on the SWKROA Board as a Director representing Seward County mineral and royalty owners.  

At their April 26th Annual Meeting in Hugoton, the membership elected the following to serve as SWKROA Directors for the 2014-2016 term:  Caverly Hart for Finney County; Steve Alford for Grant County; Eddie George for Hamilton County; Gerald Lightcap for Haskell County; Bob Beymer for Kearny County; Wayne Breeding for Morton County; K. Ted Metcalf for Seward County; Glen Teeter for Stanton County; Tom Lahey for Stevens County; and Lora Damme was re-elected as one of the Directors-at-Large.  

These Directors will join the following 2013-2015 Directors on the Board:  Bob Jones, Finney County; Don Tillotson, Grant County; Keith Puckett, Hamilton County; Braden Barnhardt, Haskell County; Ralph Goodnight, Kearny County; Bill Light, Morton County; Tom Schnittker, Pratt County; E. Paul Boles, Seward County; Darrel Ruth, Stanton County; Jim Kramer, Stevens County; and Larry Rankin as the other Director-at-Large.  

President Bill Light will be the eleventh President of the sixty-six year old mineral and royalty owners association.  The Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association is comprised of mineral and royalty owners for the stated purpose “to foster, protect and further in all proper respects the rights and interests of the mineral owners.”  The Association is instrumental in educating mineral and royalty owners as to trends in oil and gas leasing, oil and gas pipeline right of ways, geophysical testing and in general the oil and gas industry in western Kansas as it relates to the rights and interests of the land, mineral and royalty owner.  The Association is an active advocate for the interests of mineral and royalty owners in the Kansas legislature, through education, and has provided “friend of the court” briefs on a number of judicial issues which could impact mineral and royalty owners.

Membership in the Association is open to individuals who have ownership interest in surface, mineral, and royalty interests located in Kansas.  More information on SWKROA can be found at their website, or by calling the SWKROA office at (620) 544-4333.


PressRelease 2014 Annual Meeting (.pdf) 

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